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Good Reasons to Avoid Planting Bare Root Trees

Posted on October 28 2018

Reasons to Avoid Planting Bare Root Trees

At Ready to Grow Trees, we often are asked why we don’t sell bare root trees (with no soil or potting mix surrounding the roots at the time of shipment). A customer’s motivation for asking this question are typically rooted (pardon the pun) in one of the perceptions below.

Bare root trees are easier to plant.

Bare root trees are cheaper.

Bare root trees are easier to ship

My neighbor planted bare root trees.

And the list goes on.


Container-Grown Trees: The Superior Nursery Product

While there may be some truth associated with some of these perceptions, Ready to Grow Trees is firmly convinced that a container grown is a superior product. That is why we only offer container grown trees to our customers in keeping with our mission to deliver only the highest-quality plants to our customers.

Allow us to dispel these notions...

Bare root trees are NOT easier to plant. It is oversimplifying to say that you just have to dig a hole, take your container-grown tree out of the container and fill it back in, but it isn't far from the being the case. Trying this with a bare root tree can lead to deformed roots or a dead tree. 

You wouldn't just dump a new fish into a tank of water without allowing it to adjust to the temperature of the new environment, right? A plant is more resilient than a fish, but it still benefits from similar considerations. When roots arrive at your home or office for planting already surrounded by soil or potting mix, this accommodates an easier transition to the new place and encourages healthier growth. In a container, the roots already form a structure and are less likely to deform when growing. 

Bare root trees are NOT necessarily cheaper. Ready to Grow Trees sells container grown plants for the same price that some nurseries mark-up their bare root plants.

Bare root trees are limited in when they can be shipped. They can only be shipped when the plants are dormant in the winter and early spring months, whereas container-grown trees can be shipped for at least 8 months out of the year. 

Contact us at Ready to Grow Trees for container-grown, superior plant products.