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Why Every Tree's a Giving Tree

Why Every Tree's a Giving Tree

The season of gratitude and giving is upon us, though there are many additional reasons to express our love, congratulations, and thanks throughout the year. This season, as we do every year, we wonder what would embody our emotions and gratitude best. What is, we wonder, the one gift to rule them all?

It’s a fair question.

The best gifts are those wrapped in love, generosity, and purposefulness. They’re special, thoughtful, and tailored to their recipient. They’re as timely as they are timeless. They won’t break the bank, and yet somehow they’re priceless. They’re unique and boast multiple benefits.

And yes, we’re talking trees.


Trees symbolize the best things in life.

Whether you look to legends and lore, novels, or religious texts, trees have long represented life, growth, wisdom, power, and prosperity. Trees have many majestic and mystical connotations, as they’ve historically been around far longer and tend to outlive us all. Each tree is as unique as each human.

Trees embody what they represent: they are majestic, powerful, thriving, exceptional, and feel timeless. That’s why they are so appropriate for any occasion—whether you’re making a milestone anniversary, commemorating a new life or new home, or honoring a lost loved one. Trees are enduring tributes and flourishing reminders of joy and meaning. What greater honor can you give to someone than to gift them such a gorgeous source of life?


They’re lovely and low maintenance.

Trees basically showcase the best of both worlds. They’re inexpensive and reduce waste (they don’t need fancy packaging and they fight pollution), so you get a huge bang for your buck. They’re also refreshingly low maintenance, allowing recipients to enjoy them with minimal effort. Yet despite their easy-going nature, trees are inarguably beautiful. They’re resilient, kind to us and their surroundings, generous with all they offer, and always lovely to behold. Trees are simple, yet so profound.


All trees are giving trees—in so many ways!

A single tree goes a long way. There are so many kinds to choose from, but all filter the atmosphere and produce oxygen, reduce our carbon footprint, and improve the quality of our air. They can also provide us with food (e.g. berries or nuts); sap (to make syrup, gym, crayons, soap, and paint); bark, leaves, and roots (for medicines, dyes, and cosmetics); and wood (to build things or light fires). One tree may also become home to hundreds of wildlife species—birds, insects, and mammals—that are sure to fill your corner of the world with a little more joy.


They’re always in style and dress to impress.

Trees make excellent gifts for every season or occasion. Celebrate or commemorate the miracle of life on a birthday or a memorial day. Express your flourishing love on an anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, over the winter holidays, or Thanksgiving. Commemorate a new beginning, professional or personal milestone, or home purchase. No matter the season or reason, your tree is sure to brighten that person’s day—and they’ll remember you fondly whenever they see it!

Given the immense variety of fragrant spring blossoms, luscious summer fruit, dazzling autumn foliage, and stark wintry elegance, trees are gloriously unique in their ability to adjust with the season. Thanks to this versatility, it can feel you’ve got four different trees in the place of one. What else gives such fourfold beauty?


They’re good for us, subsequent generations, and the environment.

Trees not only improve the quality of the air we breathe, provide refreshing shade and aesthetic beauty, offer a plethora of resources from the tips of their leaves to the curls of their roots—they also have the superpower of restoring degraded lands and fighting back against climate change! Trees enable healthier food systems, increase crop yields, and protect land by preserving moisture in the soil while reducing damaging erosion, landslides, and floods. All these benefits outlive us, since they last as long as the tree itself, protecting the environment and future generations for decades or even centuries to come.

Know what else is awesome? They’ll have you to thank for that.

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