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Crabapple, Callaway

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Product Description

Crabapple, Callaway

The Deep South’s darling, the Callaway Crabapple is a small sturdy flowering fruit tree that is as reliable as it is gorgeous, known to be resilient against humid temperatures and diseases...


What distinguishes the lovely Callaway Crabapple?

  • Show-stopping spring blossoms.

  • Outstanding ornamental value in compact areas and small yards

  • Delicious, glossy summer apples.

  • Very attractive to wildlife.

  • Resilient against diseases.

  • Low-maintenance.


Keeping up appearances…

Don’t let the Callaway Crabapple’s small stature fool you; this hardy little fruit tree blossoms into a snow-white beauty, with April decking its branches in a magnificent gown of pastel-pink buds that unfurl as ivory blossoms and summon a variety of birds and bees. Summer adds a hearty blush of color as the tree erupts in a bountiful harvest of sweet-tart tear-shaped red apples that are as easy on the eye as they are delicious on the tongue, and which attract plenty of wildlife. Green foliage gives way to golden hues in the fall, before these leaves are shed in the winter. The Callaway Crabapple's moderately small stature—typically growing 15-25 ft. tall with a rounded canopy and a slightly narrower spread—makes this specimen ideal for a small yard or garden.


A friendly recommendation.

With a 5-8 hardiness zone rating, the Callaway Crabapple has long been lauded as a crabapple variety that can thrive in the humid Deep South. Originating from southeast Georgia’s Callaway Gardens, this flowering tree has proven itself resilient to diseases and extremely productive, typically bearing fruit after 3-4 years.  The Callaway Crabapple thrives with full sun and well-drained soils, tolerating moderate drought and air pollution; it has a low aerosol salt tolerance but can adapt to a variety of soils. We recommend pruning this tree in late winter, as spring pruning produces fresh cuts that make the specimen susceptible to fireblight bacterium. 


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Callaway Crabapple’s fruit is often harvested for creating jellies, jams, and apple cider.
  • Malus Callaway, like other crabapple species, pollinates almost any other apple tree so it’s best planted in pairs and is extremely valuable as a cross-pollinator.

This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageBright Green
Fall FoliageDull Yellow
Bloom TimeApril
ShapeRounded Crown
SunFull Sun
Size15 to 25 feet
Spread12 to 20 feet