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Crabapple, Prairie Fire

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Product Description

Crabapple, Prairie Fire

Introducing the redheaded beauty of the crabapple species: riveting colors, a resilient nature, and its resistance to diseases are just a handful of excellent reasons to opt for the stunning Prairie Fire Crabapple…


What distinguishes the lovely Prairie Fire Crabapple?

  • Mesmerizing foliage.

  • Beautiful spring blossoms.

  • Disease-resistant.

  • Wonderfully adaptable to a variety of conditions.

  • Delicious summer apples.

  • Attracts wildlife.


Keeping up appearances…

It should come as no surprise that the gorgeous Prairie Fire Crabapple is cherished for its profusion of majestic rose-pink blossoms, but its spectacular leaf pigments are just as breathtaking. This ornamental tree’s lovely spring flowers make room for vibrant foliage; this leaf color shifts from maroon and reddish-purple hues in the spring to a rich summery green to vibrant fall colors of blazing bronze and gold before being shed in the winter. Its fruit continues to be aesthetically pleasing in the winter, furthermore attracting plenty of wildlife—especially songbirds. With a vase-shaped rounded structure and a glossy cinnamon-brown bark, the Prairie Fire Crabapple typically reaches a height between 15-25 ft. with a 10-20 ft. spread. 


A friendly recommendation.

With a 3-8 hardiness zone rating, the Prairie Fire Crabapple is an extremely versatile specimen, growing to moderate heights of roughly 20 ft. with a 15 ft. spread. As such, it offers outstanding ornamental value in compact areas and small yards. This flowering tree has a 4-7 hardiness zone rating and thrives best in clay or loam soil and with decent drainage. It basks given full sun exposure and appreciates good air circulation (which also helps keep apple scab from developing).


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Prairie Fire Crabtree was born of a “happy accident”; in 1945, researchers began the PRI Initiative in the hopes of cultivating apple trees with greater disease resistance; Dr. Daniel Dayton has been noted as the founder of this species as a 1982 sideshoot of that PRI program.
  • This tree is, as noted above, apple scab resistant, which is something gardeners nationwide are extremely thankful for; apple scab is a fungal issue that won’t necessarily kill a tree, but it will cause it to shed its foliage prematurely and does drastically reduce its health.









This Tree's Zone: 4 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageDark Green
Fall FoliageRed/Yellow
BloomDeep Pink-Red
Bloom TimeApril to May
ShapeDense and Rounded
SunFull Sun
Size15 to 20 feet
Spread15 to 20 feet