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Our Story

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Every tree we ship is grown at our nursery and we hand select only the best to put in our containers.

Logo Icon Quality Seeds

Our seed sources are carefully selected and tested for quality so they have the proper heritage to grow in the right conditions.

Logo Icon Best Containers

We transfer our seedlings to air pruned containers for growing to avoid circling roots and J rooting, conditions that can stunt growth or cause death.

Logo Icon Handled with Care

We handle our trees to promote optimal growth including hand lifting, refrigerated storage and moisture holding root gel.

Logo Icon Nurturing Our Trees

We pay attention to our young trees while they are growing, fixing problems, treating conditions and pruning and staking as needed.

Logo Icon Quality Matters

Buying quality trees is important because many problems with young trees may not become obvious for several years which robs you of valuable time needed to grow your tree.

Logo Icon Doing What's Right

We are a small business striving to be successful by doing the right things; delivering a high quality tree and providing exceptional service.

Logo Icon Friendly Service

We are approachable and can be reached through our website or by phone. We want to serve you.

Our Story

At Ready-To-Grow-Trees our roots run deep when it comes to producing and installing quality plants.  Our sister companies have 50 years of combined experience in the wholesale plant production and plant installation industries.  Our businesses have succeeded by ensuring that the plants we deliver survive and thrive for our customers in the mitigation, landscaping, reclamation, conservation and nursery industries.

In 2017 we expanded our business to bring the benefits of our high-quality plants and the expertise of our knowledgeable and experienced staff to customers across the nation.  We understand that whether you are looking for one shade tree or 1,000 shade trees – quality and service speak for themselves.

Ready-To-Grow-Trees guarantees all our plants to be true to name and promises to delivery healthy and vigorous plants to our customers. We also go to great lengths to handle and package each plant with care to prevent damage during shipping.

We hope you enjoy the trees we have grown and we know that you will be pleased with the quality.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~ Chinese Proverb