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Shipping and Terms

Orders are shipped M-W to ensure that they arrive to customers before the end of the business week.  Having plants in a warehouse or van trailer over weekends, particularly during the extreme summer and winter temperatures is detrimental to the health of the plants.

Plants are typically shipped the week following order placement unless otherwise specified by the customer.  Ready-To-Grow-Trees will make every effort to ensure that each plant is shipped within one week following order placement.

Plants are packaged in a manner that ensures they are secure within the box to prevent jostling and associated damage during shipping.

Should your product arrive in a box that has been damaged during shipping, please contact Ready-To-Grow-Trees immediately to allow for a proper shipping claim.  Ready-To-Grow-Trees is not responsible for any loss due to damage caused by shipping carriers, but will absolutely work with our customers to file a proper damage claim with each carrier.  For all successful claims, Ready-To-Grow-Trees will ship a replacement product as soon as possible.  If the exact product is no longer in stock, Ready-To-Grow-Trees will be happy to offer a replacement product of similar value.  Please note the following requirements for any parcel damaged during shipping:

  • We must receive notification within 24 hours of receipt of the damaged product that includes your order number, description of the damage and pictures of the damage.
  • The customer must retain the damaged parcel (and plant) for a minimum of 7 days to allow the carrier to inspect the damage.

At this time, Ready-To-Grow-Trees is able to ship our plants only to states east of Texas. Refer to the shipping map below for availability. 


Winter Shipping Schedule

All trees and shrubs are available to ship year-round, although we do restrict deliveries in the winter months based on the plant hardiness zones below:

    Zone 3:   No shipping from November 1st through May 1st

    Zone 4:   No shipping from November 1st through May 1st

    Zone 5:   No shipping from November 30th through April 15th

    Zone 6:   No shipping from December 31st through March 15th

    Zones 7 and Up:    Ships year-round.  No shipping restrictions.


Other Conditions

  • During the shipping and transplanting process, it is not uncommon for plants to experience some minor leaf shedding or color change to the leaves. Simply remove the affected foliage and your plant will grow new, healthy foliage in due time.  Claims associated with leaf shedding, leaf coloration or other leaf damage are not valid.
  • Plants may be pruned prior to shipping to prevent damage to the plant during shipping. This will not have any detrimental effects on the plant, and in fact, typically minimizes stress on the plants during shipping and transplanting.  Young plants typically do not have significant branching, but given time, proper branching will occur.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any plants ordered are suitable for the customers plant hardiness zone, soil conditions and growing site.  Plant hardiness zone maps are provided by Ready-To-Grow-Trees are based on USDA guidelines and are offered as a courtesy to our customers.  Other information provided by Ready-To-Grow-Trees is for reference only. We strongly encourage all customers to do the proper homework to make sure you have all the information you need before purchasing. Some factors to take into consideration are microclimates, extreme elevations, wind protection, mulching and snow cover.