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Tree Planting Instructions

Planting a Tree correctly is very important and is something that Ready-To-Grow-Trees takes very seriously.  We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our product and service.  We are here to help make the planting experience an easy and pain free experience.


When the plant arrives

Our plants will arrive in a box and usually shipped by FedEx Ground.

  1. Check the box for any damages and report any damages directly to FedEx
  2. Carefully cut all tape and straps prior to opening the box
  3. Carefully open the box and check the soil with your fingers for moisture
  4. If the soil feels dry then give the plant a little water
  5. Plant as soon as possible

How will your plant appear on arrival

Each plant species is unique and so the size, roots, and appearance will all vary slightly.  Our container trees will usually arrive without leaves during the winter months.  This is normal and it may appear that the tree is dead.  The tree is simply dormant and will wake up in the spring.  If you receive a container tree in the spring or fall then the plant will have leaves.  

See our video in our blog.  

Storage for container trees

If you can not plant the tree right away then take it out of the box and keep out of the extreme cold and extreme heat.  Place where it will receive partial shade during the day and keep out of freezing weather at night.  Give the plant a little water every other day until ready to plant.

Planting instructions for container trees

Open the box and carefully remove your tree from the box.  You will need to dig a hole no deeper than the height of the root ball and 2-3 times as wide as the root ball.  You do not want the hole any deeper than the total height of the root ball. Planting too deep is detrimental to the survival and growth of your tree.  Once your hole is dug gently remove the tree from the container.  If your tree is difficult to remove check the bottom of the tree container to see if roots are protruding and remove them.  It also helps to tap gently on the sides of the container to loosen the tree.  Once you remove your tree from the container place the tree in the middle of the hole. You want to be sure the top of your root ball is at ground level or a little bit higher.  Fill the hole back with the soil you dug out.  Water the tree from a hose on low flow to settle the soil.  Place a 3 foot circle of mulch around your tree at 2-3 inches deep. Be sure to keep the mulch at least 3 inches away from the trunk of the tree. Water your tree about once a week during the growing season to keep the soil most and your plant healthy.