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Product Description


An ornamental beauty true to its name in both respects, the Beautyberry is a colorful flowering shrub that is ideal for any garden, commended for its lovely fuchsia berries and graceful, lush green structure…


What distinguishes the lovely Beautyberry?

  • Provides exquisite fuchsia-purple berries, which contrast beautifully against the tree’s vivid green foliage and gracefully arching stems.

  • Swift and easy to grow.

  • Tenacious against the challenges of drought, and has proven itself to be generally immune to pests and diseases.

  • Exhibits gorgeous purple-pink blossoms in the spring.

    Keeping up appearances…

    The shrub’s violet-hued berries emerge in the late summer and garnish this specimen well into the winter, charmingly complementing its greenish-gold, purple-tinged autumnal foliage. Although the Beautyberry sheds its leaves during the frigid months, it’s worth the wait until its riotous summertime comeback, heralded by its lavender-pink splendor of blossoms which are only the precursor, of course, to the gleaming gems of berries soon to follow. As each local bird and human would likely testify, the Beautyberry is an undeniable feast for the senses.

    A friendly recommendation.

    As a deciduous shrub, this species grows to a modest height and width ranging from 3-6 ft., making it an exemplary option for small gardens. The Beautyberry requires minimal maintenance as long as its roots are well established—ideally in moist clay or sandy soil enriched with organic matter—and it can be straightforwardly propagated via cuttings or seeds. It thrives in full sun to partial shade, having a versatile 6-10 hardiness zone rating and a tolerance to clay soils.

    Awesome tree trivia!

    • Callicarpa Americana (as the loose open shrub is binomially classified) is a scientific term that pays, with its etymology, as much tribute to the Beautyberry’s loveliness as does its common name; “callicarpa” literally translates to “beautiful fruit” in Greek.
    • Its gorgeous berries are widely used for jams, jellies, and wine; they also attract a spectrum of wildlife, enlivening your yard.
    • The Beautyberry belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is native to the southeastern United States.

    This Tree's Zone: 6 to 7

    Your Growing Zone:

    FoliageMedium green
    Fall FoliageYellow or greenish-yellow with purplish cast
    BloomLavender, Pink
    Bloom TimeJune to August
    ShapeLoose open shrub
    SunFull sun to part shade
    Size3 to 6 feet
    Spread3 to 6 feet

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