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Birch, River Dura-Heat

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Product Description

Birch, River Dura-Heat

Culturally adaptable and gracefully shaped, the Dura-Heat River Birch is a classic ornamental choice, valued as a landscape tree due to its colorful exfoliating bark and for being a fast-growing and shade-providing option…


What distinguishes the lovely Dura-Heat River Birch?

  • More vigorous, fast-growing, and low-maintenance in respect to the River Birch.

  • Close-knit foliage of dense, glossy leaves.

  • Increased resistance against certain diseases and insect blights.

  • Tolerates warmer climates much better than its larger River Birch counterpart.


Keeping up appearances…

Deciduous and with darker foliage, the Dura-Heat River Birch also features inconspicuous catkins (which secrete tiny winged seeds between their bracts) and sheds its ovate leaves in the winter. Its bark is usually smoother, with more rosy and salmon-colored overtones on the outside; this varies, however, as some such trees feature a scalier texture and a darker bark. Its inner bark is typically paler, cream-colored and smooth, and odorless when scraped.


A friendly recommendation.

While likewise native to the eastern United States, and with a shape ranging from rounded to irregular, the Dura-Heat River Birch thrives ideally in an environment that features full sun to partial shade and medium-to-wet soil. Often located in floodplains and swamps, this tree is also nicknamed the Water Birch. Its average height ranges from 30-40 ft., with an approximate 25-35 ft. spread.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • With a number of similarities and a few marked differences, the Dura-Heat River Birch is a popular and smaller cultivar of the native River Birch.
  • Like the River Birch, it is a deciduous tree belonging to the Betulaceae family and is similarly scientifically classified as Betula Nigra.
  • This specimen typically survives for 50-75 years.

This Tree's Zone: 4 to 9

Your Growing Zone:

Fall FoliageYellow
BloomBrown and green catkins
Bloom TimeApril to May
ShapeRounded to irregular
SunFull sun to part shade
Size30 to 40 feet
Spread25 to 35 feet