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Cryptomeria, Yoshino

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#1 Container: 2-3 Feet
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Product Description

Whether you’re going for rustic appeal or zen vibes, you can’t go wrong with the privacy tree Yoshino Cryptomeria, a fast-growing and pest-resistant beauty.  Its aesthetic appeal is further emphasized by its unique purple-hued cones that darken to dusky brown as the tree matures, and its cheery green foliage that bronzes slightly in the winter to match its ginger-hued bark. The Yoshino Cryptomeria is a peerless addition to any landscape, easily grown and cared for, effortlessly transplanted, and always providing a vivid and refreshing focal point.

This needled evergreen species belongs to the Cupressaceae family and is native to Japan and China. Since being introduced to America in 1861, it has gained great popularity as an ornamental evergreen given its dense and invigoratingly green foliage and its dignified, solid build. It is classified with North America’s redwoods and bald cypresses; its similarity to the Giant Sequoia (“Sequoiadendron Giganteum”) of California has ensued in some botanists’ belief that these two species once populated the same aboriginal land mass.

This tree’s horizontal and lightly pendulous branches typically have a 20-30 ft. spread and can reach heights of 30-40 ft. The Yoshino Cryptomeria is an indefatigable species that showcases commendable resilience to the majority of pests and diseases; it thrives with regular watering and full sun exposure, and has a 5-8 hardiness zone rating. While it has a rather expeditious growth rate as a young tree, this specimen’s growth becomes more gradual and incremental as it ages.

The non-flowering Yoshino Cryptomeria is considered an attractive specimen all year round due to the light yet lush green pigmentation of its foliage, featuring shades ranging from a gentle lime-green to a mesmerizing cobalt-green. This foliage becomes just slightly ruddy in the winter. The Yoshino Cryptomeria is also characterized and embellished by its warmly-hued and peeling bark, as well as its distinctive and earthy-toned pinecones which are colored dusky purple when they initially emerge. Likely given the magnificence of its symmetrical, slightly pyramidal structure and its fragrant lush branches, the Yoshino Cryptomeria reigns as Japan’s national tree; as such it has been reverently planted near shrines and temples.

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This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

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FoliageMedium Green
Bloom TimeNon-Flowering
SunFull sun
Size30 to 40 feet
Spread20 to 30 feet