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Cypress, Murray

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#1 Container: 2-3 Feet
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Product Description

A successor of the Leyland species, the Murray Cypress is a tougher privacy tree that is remarkably fast-growing with sturdier branches and greater resilience in the more humid southeastern states. Its dense, feathery foliage creates the perfect hedge, alternating between various brilliant hues of green throughout the entire year (lighter in the summer and darker in the winter) and consistently brightening the landscape. The Murray Cypress’s structure differs slightly from the Leyland’s given its more outspread branches that contribute to the close-knit weave as side-by-side trees form a living wall. Untrimmed, these sprawling branches give the tree its own characteristic beauty.

Hailed as the nation’s hardiest privacy tree and sometimes even termed “Improved Leyland Cypress”, the Murray Cypress surpasses its predecessor in terms of resilience, both in regards to pests and diseases as well as to harsh weather elements that include severe drought and strong wintry winds. As such, this specimen is an excellent hedge tree, offering privacy and shelter from nature’s fiercer mood swings; we recommend planting each tree about five feet apart to best grow into a thick and lush privacy wall. The Murray Cypress is grown in zones 6-10, and prefers partial to full sun—and, even better, it is nothing if not low maintenance. This tree evolves to mature heights of 30-40 ft. with a moderate 6-10 ft. spread, though it can be easily pruned to whatever height you desire.

While the non-flowering Murray Cypress is commended as a spectacular hedge tree, it is just as majestic as a stand-alone specimen (especially at Christmas, hint hint!). The verdant pigmentation of its foliage is maintained all year, rich verdant hues that jazz up the tree’s proudly elongated branches. The Murray Cypress’s dramatic growth spurts—growing 3-4 feet annually—have understandably enthralled landscapers and homeowners throughout the nation, refuting the value of this resilient hybrid species. And, like the Leyland, the Murray Cypress is also an excellent choice for stringing up baubles and lights once winter slips into town.

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This Tree's Zone: 6 to 10

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageMedium Green
Bloom TimeNon-flowering
SunFull sun
Size30 to 40 feet
Spread6 to 10 feet