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Dogwood, Flowering

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Dogwood, White Flowering

Given its year-round beauty, the Flowering Dogwood is an all-American favorite prized for its gorgeous flowers, vivid autumnal foliage, and glossy berries, and is one of the nation’s most popular understory trees


What distinguishes the lovely Flowering Dogwood?

  • Profusion of pale pastel blossoms in the spring

  • Patchwork of glorious autumn foliage, typically featuring hues ranging from burgundy to reddish-purple,

  • Shiny red berries that are coveted by many mammals and at least 36 species of birds

  • Wood that is prized for its workability and hardness, and can be used to create hand and machine tools.

  • One of America’s most popular understory trees, meaning that it thrives while growing beneath other taller trees


Keeping up appearances…

Broadly pyramidal, this deciduous tree blooms from April to May, annually crowned with a beautiful array of white flowers that contrast handsomely against its dark leaves and highlight the tree’s shapely rounded canopy. The Flowering Dogwood’s rosy-red berries ripen in late summer and early fall, and provide nourishment to a variety of wildlife. The tree’s leaves are medium to dark green, with pale green undersides; in the autumn this color transforms into even more vibrant shades, shielding the specimen’s gray-brown slender and blocky trunk. On average, the Flowering Dogwood reaches a height of 15-30 ft. with the same approximate spread.


A friendly recommendation.

The White Flowering Dogwood—scientifically classified as Cornus Florida and belonging to the Cornaceae family—was first cultivated in 1731; today it is found throughout the eastern United States. It thrives in medium well-drained soils, favoring partial shade or full sunlight (ideally exposed to morning sun and afternoon shade).


Awesome tree trivia!

  • In America, the Flowering Dogwood has also been called “American Dogwood”, “Florida Dogwood”, “Indian Arrowwood”, “Cornelian Tree”, “White Dogwood”, and “False Boxwood”.
  • It serves as the state tree of Missouri and the state flower of North Carolina.
  • Emblematic of safety and passion in selective Native American folklore, the Flowering Dogwood has been associated with the mythic Tree of Life in the Sky World according to the Mohawk communities.
  • Other Native American tribes associated the tree with good luck and spirituality (and, for the Blackfoot tribes, masculinity), and they partook often of the tree’s berries. They furthermore used the Flowering Dogwood’s bark and roots for medicinal herbs and dyes. Even the toxic sap of the tree was sometimes gathered and used as poison.



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This Tree's Zone: 5 to 9

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageMedium to dark green
Fall FoliageRed
Bloom TimeApril to May
ShapeBroadly pyramidal
SunFull sun to part shade
Size15 to 30 feet
Spread15 to 30 feet

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