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Dogwood, Kousa

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Product Description


Dogwood, Kousa

The Kousa Dogwood—characterized by its ornamental flowering and fall colors—is a gardener’s dream-come-true, fusing delicate beauty with surprising resilience…


What distinguishes the lovely Kousa Dogwood?

  • Hassle-free and prized for its durability against extreme temperatures and most diseases.

  • May blossoms resembling a tapestry composed of gorgeous white bracts surrounding golden-green flowers

  • Shaggy gray-brown bark, said to resemble a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Glossy dark green leaves, which later metamorphose to stunning shades of deep scarlet, magenta, mauve, and crimson in the autumn, lending a resplendent splash of color to any landscape.

  • Bright rose-red berries. Resembling raspberries, these fruits are edible, sweet, and juicy, and can be harvested in the fall.


Keeping up appearances…

A compact tree that thrives even in urban areas, the Kousa Dogwood is aesthetically pleasing during every single season, and its berries, blossoms, and sheltering leaves attract a variety of wildlife. In the spring, its pale white “bracts” resemble petals, so intriguingly patterned that it appears that the tree is crowned with white stars. Once summer disappears, the Kousa Dogwood’s lush green leaves shift to shades of vibrant red, transforming into a truly autumnal canopy. These leaves are shed in the winter, revealing the tree’s intricate and beautiful bark.


A friendly recommendation.

Most appreciative of partial to full sun and acidic or moist soils, this specimen isn’t as predisposed to salt and poor drainage. Compared to other Dogwood species, the Kousa Dogwood does showcase commendable resilience to most pests, diseases, and moderate drought. Under optimal conditions, this tree has a medium growth rate and can reach a moderate height of 15-25 ft. with a generous 25 ft. spread. It can be grown either as a sole-trunked small tree or cultivated as a multi-stemmed tall shrub.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Kousa Dogwood’s autumnal abundance of berries can be enjoyed and eaten straight off the tree and can even be used for wine—if lucky local birds don’t get to them first!
  • Binomially classified as “Cornus Kousa”, the Kousa Dogwood (also known as “Korean Dogwood”) is a lovely little deciduous member of the Cornaceae family.
  • Native to East Asia, it has long been naturalized in New York State, and has a hardiness zone rating of 5-8.


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This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageDark green
Fall FoliageReddish-purple to scarlet
Bloom TimeMay to June
SunFull sun to part shade
Size15 to 30 feet
Spread15 to 30 feet