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Dogwood, Silky

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Product Description

A mid-sized shrub, the Silky Dogwood is easily identified by the satiny undersides of its glossy leaves and smooth twigs, which add a literal sort of gentility to this colorful shrub’s beauty and hardiness. Low-maintenance, adaptable, and vividly ornamental, the Silky Dogwood is favored by gardeners across the nation. It’s very resilient to pests and diseases, while its multi-branched root system also helps to prevent soil erosion in more moist soils and wetland areas.

Named appropriately for the aforementioned underlying fuzz, the Silky Dogwood—or, by its binomial name, Cornus Amomum—is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Cornaceae family and is native to eastern North America. With a hardiness zone rating of 5-8, the Silky Dogwood is an attractively rounded plant that thrives in medium to wet well-drained soils, and it is partial to conditions that allow for full sun to partial shade. With a height and span of 6-12 ft., this species is commonly used as a hedge or an ornamental landscape plant; like most other dogwood varieties, it can spread to form thickets if left unattended, but can also be manicured according to taste with just a bit of pruning.

The Silky Dogwood’s flat-topped clusters of golden-white flowers appear in May and June, attracting a wide range of butterflies and other pollinators. Similar to other members of its botanical family, the Silky Dogwood is also characterized by its summer clusters of blue-white berries and its distinctive reddish-gray bark. Its green foliage, oval to elliptic in shape with distinct veins, darkens to spectacular hues of scarlet and reddish-purple in the autumn.

The shrub’s lovely coloration pairs beautifully with the changing colors of the tree’s twigs as their hairs darken from silvery-gray to a handsome reddish-purple. Sometimes confused with the Red Osier Dogwood, it helps to remember that one very characteristic difference is the coloration—the colors of the trees’ respective piths, fruits, and flowers: the Silky Dogwood’s pith is brown, its blossoms are more yellow, and its fruits are tinged a brighter blue; the Red Osier’s pith and flowers are white, and its fruit is also of a paler hue.

This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageMedium green
Fall FoliagePurple to reddish
Bloom TimeMay to June
ShapeOpen to rounded
SunFull sun to part shade
Size6 to 12 feet
Spread6 to 12 feet

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