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Magnolia, Jane

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Product Description

Magnolia, Jane

The Magnolia Jane often chosen as an ornamental shrub, prized for its dazzling flowers and colorful foliage as well as its hardiness and reasonable height for small yards

What distinguishes the lovely Magnolia Jane?

  • Tulip-shaped, fragrant, rose-purple spring flowers.

  • Resilience against spring frosts due to being a late bloomer.

  • Lush, leathery foliage.

  • Mottled soft bark.

  • Excellent ornamental tree for small yards.


Keeping up appearances…

Known for its bushy nature, this flowering specimen is also characterized as being a late bloomer and slow grower, and thus less prone to suffer from damages due to late frosts in the spring. The Magnolia Jane blossoms from April to May, revealing tulip-shaped and fragrant flowers that are rose- violet in color with splurges of white within. Reaching an average height of 10-15 ft., this shrub’s spread may extend 8-12 ft.—perfect for the dimensions of a small yard. Its foliage is lush, dense, and dark green, with a leathery-looking texture. These leaves lighten to gentle bronze-gold hues in autumn. The Magnolia Jane’s bark is semi-smooth and soft, and mottles in rounded spots.


A friendly recommendation.

With a 4-8 hardiness zone rating, the Magnolia Jane thrives in conditions that welcome full sun to partial shade (ideal conditions would entail full morning sun with afternoon shade), and favors medium to well-drained soil. To thrive, the Magnolia Jane needs suitable air circulation, as it is susceptible to mildew (though it is otherwise generally pest- and disease-free). Furthermore, due to its extensive and complicated root system, the Magnolia Jane may have trouble recovering from transplants, so it is best to plant it carefully and consciously the first time.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Magnolia Jane’s name mirrors its scientific classification, Magnolia x Jane. This deciduous shrub belongs to the family Magnoliaceae, and it is actually a hybrid flowering plant (a status which is signified, in plant taxonomy, by the x).
  • Part of “the Little Girl Series” of hybrid magnolias (eight in total) developed in the 1950s at the United States National Arboretum, the Magnolia Jane is a cross between Magnolia Liliiflora (“Nigra”) and Magnolia Stellata (“Rosea”). 


This Tree's Zone: 4 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

Fall FoliageCoppery yellow
BloomRed-purple with white inside
Bloom TimeApril to May
SunFull sun to part shade
Size10 to 15 feet
Spread8 to 12 feet