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Maple, Autumn Blaze

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Product Description

Maple, Autumn Blaze

Very aptly named for its show-stopping scorching autumn color, the Autumn Blaze Maple is an extremely resilient deciduous shade tree and is tremendously disease-defiant and pest-resistant…

What distinguishes the lovely Autumn Blaze Maple?

  • Breathtaking, long-lasting, resilient flame-red autumn foliage.

  • Fastest-growing maple variation of the botanical family Sapindaceae.

  • Tremendously disease-defiant and pest-resistant.

  • Furrowed, ridged dark bark.

  • Grassy-green leaves.

  • Dependable as a shade tree.


Keeping up appearances…

The Autumn Blaze Maple’s leaves have a cheery grassy-green complexion with a slight reddish blush, complementing its furrowed, darkly ridged bark. Though this specimen rarely blooms, it maintains its lush foliage throughout the summer, providing ample shade and bright consistent coloration. In the autumn, the Autumn Blaze Maple’s leaves transform to a fiery crimson, accented by the tree’s ruby-red winged samara fruit. This blazing autumn foliage is long-lasting and resilient, extending the manifestation of the Autumn Blaze Maple’s recurrent beauty.


A friendly recommendation.

A mature Autumn Blaze Maple can reach heights of 40-55 ft., with a uniform pyramidal shape spreading out to cover a 30-40 ft. span. This shade tree has a 3-8 hardiness zone rating and is thus widespread throughout most of the United States; most predominately, this species is found in the warmer climates of the Deep South and the southwestern states. Consistently found in upland regions, the Autumn Blaze Maple is cultivated best in medium, well-drained soils and when situated in full sun to partial shade.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • Acclaimed as one of the most popular new tree introductions in history and beloved by homeowners and municipalities alike.
  • Acer x Freemanii “Jeffersred” originated in 1982 from the interbreeding of the Red Maple and the Silver Maple.
  • Prized for its ornamental value, this maple variation is frequently planted in landscapes due to its advantage as a fast-growing shade tree—growing four times as fast as the Red Maple!—and its tendency to work well in clusters or as a stand-alone specimen.


Photos by: Horticopia, Andrew Lemmer, Powell Gardens and Robert Hempeck

This Tree's Zone: 3 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

Fall FoliageSpectacular Red
SunFull sun to part shade
Size40 to 55 feet
Spread30 to 40 feet