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Maple, Red

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Product Description

Maple, Red

Due to its pleasing oval-to-rounded shape and its bewitching coloration, the Red Maple is a very popular choice as an ornamental and fast-growing shade tree


What distinguishes the lovely Red Maple?

  • Brilliant fiery fall colors.

  • Adaptability to a wide scope of environments, with a 4-9 hardiness rating, enabling it to grow quickly and thrive.

  • Great drought tolerance.

  • Valuable sap used to create high-quality maple syrup.

  • Wood that is prized as workable lumber.


Keeping up appearances…

Due to its pleasing oval-to-rounded shape and its attractive fall colors, the Red Maple is a popular choice as a fast-growing shade tree and ornamental tree. Particularly colorful in the autumn due to its long-lasting vibrant leaves, it also produces bright red flowers that bloom from March to April. The Red Maple’s seeds, twigs, and petioles are also colored various hues of red; the tree is unarguably best known for its brilliant autumnal foliage with gorgeous shades of scarlet and gold. Deciduous, it sheds its leaves during the winter to better reveal its soft, thin, and silvery-gray bark.


A friendly recommendation.

The Red Maple favors full sun to partial shade and medium to well-drained soil, and reaches an approximate height of 40-70 ft. with a 30-50 ft. spread. It’s commendably drought tolerant. The allergic potential of the Red Maple varies greatly based on the cultivar, but its leaves when wilted or dead are toxic to horses.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • Native to eastern and central North America—spreading from Ontario to Newfoundland and from Florida to Texas—the Red Maple is one of the most popular and common deciduous shade trees in America.
  • Its binomial classification is Acer Rubrum, and it belongs to the Sapindaseae family.
  • The Red Maple has numerous cultivars, with the October Glory Maple and the Red Sunset Maple prevailing as the most popular due to their intense autumn hues.
  • The Red Maple is a soft maple; the lumber and syrup industries actually prefer hard maples that produce stronger wood and have a longer sap season (the period when the maples can be tapped for syrup, before the buds emerge).

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