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Oak, Northern Red

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Product Description

“One of the handsomest, cleanest, and stateliest trees in North America”*, the Northern Red Oak is a priceless shade tree that reveals breathtaking fall colors. Its versatility and resilience, combined with its extraordinarily fast-growing and long-living nature, make it a guaranteed choice in reference to its reliability as a cultivar. Its lush and vibrant autumn foliage enables it to be as aesthetically attractive as it is serviceable as an ornamental, habitat, and shade tree, rendering it a true national treasure.

Quercus Rubra, as the species is scientifically classified, is one of the most colorful deciduous variants of the Fagaceae family. The Northern Red Oak’s leaves are alternate, tapered, and colored a glossy dark green, with bristly edges, a smooth upper surface, and a downy underside. The tree produces yellow-green catkins in April and May, which are replaced by late summer’s capped and ovular-shaped acorns. The Northern Red Oak has an irregular to rounded crown, and grows straight and tall to a respectable height of 50-75 ft. with a respective spread. Like other oak variants, this species prefers full sun and medium to dry, well-drained soils, although it has been noted to especially favor slightly acidic loam.

Native to eastern and central North America, the Northern Red Oak can be found as north as Nova Scotia, as south as Georgia, and as far west as Oklahoma and Nebraska. It has been claimed as both New Jersey’s state tree and Prince Edward Island’s provincial tree. The specimen’s most idiosyncratic feature is its dark reddish-brown or gray ridged bark, which is patterned with gleaming silvery stripes that travel all the way down its trunk like rivulets of tears. The Northern Red Oak’s deciduous foliage brightens in the autumn, converting to gorgeous shades of russet brown and brilliant scarlet; the tree’s timber, too, has a characteristically red hue, with darker colored sap. This high-quality timber has significant commercial worth, valued as lumber, veneer, interior trim, and for making furniture; even defective timber is prized as firewood.

Due to its thick taproot, the Northern Red Oak quickly becomes difficult to transplant, so it is best planted carefully. It is said to grow in even the worst conditions, including poor soil and compact space. In optimal conditions, this splendid species can survive for over 500 years.

*Quoted from naturalist Joseph S. Illick.

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This Tree's Zone: 4 to 8

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FoliageDark green
Fall FoliageBrownish-red
Bloom TimeApril to May
ShapeIrregular to round
SunFull sun
Size50 to 75 feet
Spread50 to 75 feet