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Oak, Shumard

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Product Description


Oak, Shumard

Valued as a shade tree and as a dramatic ornamental landscape or street tree with incredible fall colors, the massive Shumard Oak has many commendable qualities…


What distinguishes the lovely Shumard Oak?

  • Intriguingly late and lovely autumn auburn and russet-brown foliage, , ensuring a glorious lingering canopy in your yard or along the street long after other oaks have shed their fall colors.
  • Fast-growing with a tall, magnificent structure.
  • Precious wildlife habitat.
  • Source of superior lumber.
  • Optimal as a shade tree.


Keeping up appearances…

The Shumard Oak is one of the tallest and majestic oak variations belonging to the red oak subgroup, native to the lowlands of the southeastern United States. With a 5-9 hardiness zone rating, its imposing pyramidal crown can rise up to 40-60 ft., with its spreading branches spanning out 30-40 ft. and eventually taking on a more rounded form. This giant member of the Fagaceae family is typically straight-standing, with deeply fluted buttresses near the ground.

It features a columnar trunk enshrouded within silvery-gray bark, which grows darker and more furrowed with age; a mature tree’s bark may sometimes exhibit white splotches. Its alternate dark green leaves are broad, lobed, and bristle-edged. The Shumard Oak is further characterized by fairly large acorns, which usually take 1-3 years to mature, and so are often overlooked during the tree’s early development. Its humble green catkins make a brief appearance in April.


A friendly recommendation.

You may know of Quercus Shumardii by its more common epithets—“Shumard Oak”, “Spotted Oak”, “Schneck Oak”, “Swamp Red Oak”, or “Shumard Red Oak”. It is drought-resistant, preferring full sun and medium to dry, well-drained soils. This specimen is furthermore adaptable to difficult urban environments and is tolerant of compact loam. It copes well with pollution, drought, and bad drainage.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • Very commercially valuable and widely planted, primarily throughout the East Coast.
  • In Texas, this specimen’s leaves may redden as late as December; in Florida, the same species may reveal its autumn pigments in February.
  • This shade tree’s acorns are actually a rich food source for a variety of songbirds, game birds, deer, wild hogs, squirrels, waterfowl, and other wildlife species.


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This Tree's Zone: 5 to 9

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageDark green
Fall FoliageBrownish-red
Bloom TimeApril
ShapePyramidal to spreading
SunFull sun
Size40 to 60 feet
Spread30 to 40 feet