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Oak, Swamp White

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Product Description


Oak, Swamp White

An orange-gold beauty in the autumn, the resilient Swamp White Oak has great aesthetic appeal as a regal shade tree that can survive for centuries…


What distinguishes the lovely Swamp White Oak?

  • Year-round appeal thanks to its striking bark and dense, lustrous two-tone foliage

  • Swift growth rate.

  • Can survive for centuries under optimal conditions

  • Popular landscaping choice due to its shape and durability.

  • Enchanting fall colors.

  • Relative transplanting ease.

  • Tolerance of poor drainage.


Keeping up appearances…

The Swamp White Oak ages well, known to survive for 300-350 years. When mature, it towers up at 50-60 ft. (with the tallest known tree reaching nearly 100 ft.) and boasts a spread of 50-60 ft. on average. Its bark resembles that of the White Oak: it is tan or brown in color, and flaky. The tree produces peduncled acorns that mature six months after pollination (attracting a wide variety of wildlife including deer and ducks) and unscented catkins that bloom in April. Its leaves are broad ovoid, shallowly lobed, and dark green with a silvery underside; these turn earthy shades of brown, gold, and bronze (and, occasionally, red) in autumn.


A friendly recommendation.

Apart from contributing as a food source to many animals, the Swamp White Oak, like other oaks, plays a part in the nurturing of fellow plants. Its leaves decompose more slowly than most other trees (like the Buckthorn or Maple). This provides the perfect insulating cover to support soil microorganisms (and thus insects, and thus other affected wildlife) during the winter months. The Swamp White Oak favors full sun and medium to wet soil. With a 3-8 hardiness range, this shade tree survives in a wide spectrum of environments.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • It’s prized as a less common oak, yet its majestic appeal hasn’t gone unnoticed; to date, over 400 exact such oaks faithfully flank the 9/11 Memorial in New York, used to symbolically commemorate the three attacked regions and also chosen because of their commendable resilience to urban challenges.
  • Belonging to the plant family Fagaceae, the majestic, deciduous Quercus Bicolor—commonly called the Swamp White Oak—is native to America’s northcentral and northeastern mixed forests.
  • Often found flanking small bodies of water, in broad stream valleys, or in lowland fields, the Swamp White Oak is most often spotted in western New York and northern Ohio, though it can be found as south as Alabama, as north as Nova Scotia, and as far west as Minnesota.


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Photos Paul Wray, Iowa State University,

This Tree's Zone: 3 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageMedium shiny green
Fall FoliageOrange-gold to yellow
Bloom TimeApril
ShapeRounded crown
SunFull sun
Size50 to 60 feet
Spread50 to 60 feet

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