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Pistache, Chinese

#3 Container: 4-5 Feet
3 Gallon(s)
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#3 Container: 3-4 Feet
3 Gallon(s)
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Product Description

Pistache, Chinese

Meet the adorable Ugly Duckling of the plant realm: the intriguing Chinese Pistache’s young misshapen structure quickly evolves into a beautiful, majestic, sun-loving, and tough-as-nails shade tree


What distinguishes the lovely Chinese Pistache?

  • Resilient and sturdy, able to withstand urban conditions.

  • Fiery fall color.

  • Magnificent rounded umbrella structure and dense canopy.

  • Attracts wildlife.

  • Heat and drought tolerant.


Keeping up appearances…

Don’t let the unattractiveness of the little Chinese Pistache fool you; it’ll grow up to become the gorgeous talk of the town, maturing to 25-35 ft. tall with a handsome rounded spread and commendable symmetry. In the spring and summer, this specimen’s dense canopy provides exemplary shade as a patchwork of lustrous green leaves, each exquisitely exotic with their long slender shape and mildly fragrant. In autumn, these leaves transform into a blazing canopy of copper and crimson.

The flowering Chinese Pistache’s ornamental beauty doesn’t end there; in the autumn, its branches burst with brilliant scarlet berries that emerge from its inconspicuous green spring blossoms; while inedible for human consumption, these to attract a wide variety of songbirds. When mature, this specimen will have reached a height of 25-35 ft., with an impeccable umbrella-shaped canopy that makes an undeniable statement without obnoxiously consuming a small yard.


A friendly recommendation.

Relatively long-lived and growing at a decent moderate pace, the Chinese Pistache favors nearly all soil types, grounding itself with deep hardy roots and standing steadfast against dry spells, urban conditions, and heat. With a 6-9 hardiness zone rating, this tree thrives with full sun and fertile and well-drained soil. It is commendably pest and disease resistant, and relatively fire and frost resistant, but may be susceptive to verticillium wilt; it’s best to plant this tree in an area that hasn’t has exposure to prior contamination. To maintain this tree’s elegant umbrella shape, it’s recommended to prune it early on in the year—January or February—and pinpoint one main branch as the trunk, and prune the branches below it.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • If you peel the grayish-brown bark of a Chinese Pistache you may be amazed to find a bright salmon-pink interior.
  • In the low-elevation Arizona deserts, Pistacia Chinensis is said to be the only specimen with autumnal scarlet leaves.
  • The oil from the Chinese Pistache’s seeds is used for biodiesel production in central and western China, where this specimen is native.
  • The Chinese Pistache’s wood is used to construct furniture and it produces a yellow-hued dye.







This Tree's Zone: 6 to 9

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageDark Green
Fall FoliageYellow, Orange, Red
Bloom TimeApril
ShapeOval Rounded Crown
SunFull Sun
Size30 to 35 feet
Spread20 to 30 feet

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