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Planetree, London-Exclamation

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Product Description

Planetree, London-Exclamation

A hybrid specimen that showcases the best attributes of its predecessors, the London-Exclamation Planetree is a hardy and handsome choice if you’re looking for a reliable shade tree


What distinguishes the lovely London-Exclamation Planetree?

  • Imposing height of 75-100 ft. with a 60-75 ft. spread.

  • Thick smooth leaves with opulent fall color.

  • Furry fruit that disintegrate and disperse their seeds in the winter.

  • Capitalizes on its fusion of its parent plants’ best attributes: exhibits a greater resilience against cold temperatures than Platanus Orientalis and is less vulnerable to anthracnose diseases than Platanus Occidentalis.


Keeping up appearances…

The London-Exclamation Planetree’s deciduous canopy extends out to form a pyramidal sort of architecture, with the rich dark green foliage shading the tree’s brown bark. The tree’s bark exfoliates to create an attractive patchwork of color, with the brown outer bark peeling away to reveal a soft and cream-colored inner bark, ensuring that the London-Exclamation Planetree is distinguishable from a distance.

Its leaves are thick, palmately lobed, and resemble the leaves of maple trees. They are downy in the spring, becoming hairless and smooth in the summer; by autumn, their color has brightened to opulent shades of gold and toffee-brown. In April, the London-Exclamation Planetree’s monoecious yellow-red blossoms appear in small rounded clusters, quickly replaced by the tree’s fruit. These greenish-tan furry balls ripen in autumn and often persist throughout the winter, though they usually disintegrate throughout the colder months, dispersing their seeds and filling the breeze with their downy tufts.


A friendly recommendation.

Tremendously tolerant of atmospheric pollution and urban conditions, surviving in both upland and wetland environments, the long-living London-Exclamation Planetree thrives best in medium to wet well-drained soils and when given access to full sun. It has a 4-8 hardiness zone rating.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The London-Exclamation Planetree’s fruits are a favorite treat of squirrels and finches.
  • Though it originated in Europe, this shade tree has long been naturalized in the United States and now is a popular sight flanking urban streets and roadsides.
  • It has been hailed as one of the 50 Great British Trees by the Tree Council, an affiliate of Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society.
  • The London-Exclamation Planetree is a relatively young member of the Platanaceae family, Planatus x Acerfolia is the 17th century hybrid of Platanus Orientalis (the Oriental Plane) and Platanus Occidentalis (the American Sycamore).


This Tree's Zone: 4 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

Fall FoliageYellow-brown
BloomYellow and red
Bloom TimeApril
ShapePyramidal to spreading
SunFull sun
Size100 to 75 feet
Spread60 to 75 feet