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Plum, Thundercloud

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Product Description

Plum, Thundercloud

If you’re seeking a moderately-sized ornamental tree that showcases a storm of spellbinding color, look no further: from its pale pink pastels to purple-ruby hues, the Thundercloud Plum glamorizes every type of yard…


What distinguishes the lovely Thundercloud Plum?

  • Fragrant pink blossoms.

  • Exquisite foliage for over half of the year, emerging in shades of burgundy and deepening to a coppery-tinged deep royal purple.

  • Edible fruit.

  • Attractive rounded structure and a moderate height that make it ideal for even a small yard.

  • Attracts wildlife with its flowers and fruit.

  • Outstanding as an ornamental and even shade tree.


Keeping up appearances…

Similar to its counterpart (the Krauter Vesuvius Plum), the Thundercloud Plum is a gorgeous variety with absolutely stunning dark copper-tinted purple foliage (with leaves that are notably bit redder than the Krauter Vesuvius species) that maintains its color throughout the spring and summer seasons before its leaves are shed at the onset of winter; these same coppery-purple leaves remain as the tree’s resplendent fall color. It is likewise characterized by autumnal fruit, small and edible and beautifully scarlet. In the spring, the Thundercloud Plum erupts in a profusion of spellbinding pastel-pink blossoms that practically blanket the tree’s reddish-brown branches; these emerge slightly before or after the tree’s splendid foliage. Its inarguable ornamental beauty has made this specimen a very prized choice as a landscape tree or standalone specimen for lawns, small yards, patios, and terraces alike. With a rounded growing habit that spreads out more than most other plum varieties, the Thundercloud Plum reaches up to about 20 ft. when mature with a similar berth, and has a 4-9 hardiness zone rating.


A friendly recommendation.

The Prunus Cerasifera Thundercloud requires plenty of direct sunlight and well-drained soil. It needs regular weekly watering and has a good tolerance for urban conditions and coastal exposure. This tree is best pruned in the late winter in order to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. The Thundercloud Plum has a rather moderate lifespan of 20 years, and can be susceptible to certain pests (borers, tent caterpillars, etc.). On the other hand, this tree is fast-growing, widely adaptable to a variety of soil types, and commendably hardy. Once mature, the Thundercloud Plum requires little pruning.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Thundercloud Plum is native to Asia and belongs to the Rosaceae botanical family.
  • While its drupes are edible, it appears that the birds enjoy them more than humans do, so perhaps you may consider them solely for their ornamental value.
  • This flowering “Thundercloud” cultivar was developed in California by plant breeder Luther Burbank (who developed 800+ plant varieties!) in 1919.



This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

Fall FoliagePurple
BloomLight Pink
Bloom TimeApril
ShapeDense and Spreading
SunFull Sun to Part Shade
Size15 to 25 feet
Spread15 to 20 feet