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Smoketree, Royal Purple

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Product Description

Smoketree, Royal Purple

Sometimes seeming more heavenly cloud than tree, the delightfully resilient Royal Purple Smoketree is a fashion-forward specimen that boldly adorns itself in jaw-dropping foliage and ethereal flowers…


What distinguishes the lovely Royal Purple Smoketree?

  • Reddish-purple “smoke puffs” of blossoms.

  • Incredible ruby-purple foliage.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Easily cultivated as a tree or shrub.

  • Magnificent as a flowering ornamental tree for a small yard.

  • Hardy and resilient.

  • Drought tolerant.


Keeping up appearances…

The Royal Purple Smoketree is a sight for sore eyes if there ever was one! Absolutely glorious to behold all year round, this tree’s new leaves emerge in hues of rich burgundy red that is impossible to miss. Its foliage darkens over time to become the rich scarlet-purple of delectable wine; its fall colors mark the leaves’ reversion to their former maroon-red vibrancy. In the late spring and throughout the summer, the Royal Purple Smoketree reveals another of its magical attributes: effervescent and ephemeral flower clusters—large, wispy, and dark pink—that seem like plumes of smoke from afar. This specimen is characterized by its proud upright structure with a multi-branching habit that enables it to be cultivated as a tree or shrub, lending it the name Smokebush as well as Smoketree. Cotinus Coggygria Royal Purple typically scrapes heights of 10-15 ft. with a 15-20 ft. spread.


A friendly recommendation.

The Royal Purple Smoketree is as versatile as it is beautiful, bridging the best of both worlds. Liberally scattered throughout hardiness zones 5-9, this glamorous specimen doesn't ask for a lot. It grows slow and steady, thriving with full sun to partial shade (best leaf coloration is obtained with access to full sun) in medium well-drained soils. Given its spectacular tolerance to major pests and diseases (just watch out for verticillium wilt), deer, and a variety of soil conditions (though good drainage is essential), the flowering Royal Purple Smoketree is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a reliable standalone specimen or a shrub border that may serve as an informal showy hedge. Given its fibrous root system, this species is also easy to transplant.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Royal Purple Smoketree is the winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Given its drought tolerance, the Royal Purple Smoketree is an ornamental species that is also prized for xeriscaping (landscaping in arid or semiarid climates by utilizing water-conserving techniques).



This Tree's Zone: 4 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageReddish Purple
Fall FoliageScarlet Red
BloomShowy Purplish puffs
Bloom TimeMay to July
ShapeLoose-Spreading Multi-Stemmed
SunFull Sun
Size10 to 15 feet
Spread15 to 20 feet