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Viburnum, Cayuga

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Product Description

Viburnum, Cayuga

Due to its fragrant blossoms and ornamental snow-white beauty; the hardy little Cayuga Viburnum—a tough hybrid tree with a wonderfully compact structure—makes for an outstanding garden specimen…


What distinguishes the lovely Cayuga Viburnum?

  • Fragrant “snowball” clusters of spring blossoms.

  • Lush dark green foliage, usually with fierce fall color.

  • Compact structure that makes it ideal for small yards.

  • Tough and resilient against major insect and disease problems.


Keeping up appearances…

The Cayuga Viburnum doesn’t demand a lot of personal space; nonetheless, it never goes unnoticed. Typically growing 4-8 ft. with a wider 6-11 ft. spread, this hybrid flowering specimen is most distinguished by its showy pink buds that blossom into wonderfully aromatic pale flowers in late April to early May. The Cayuga Viburnum blooms later than most viburnum species, cleverly avoiding any late frosts. Its spring flowers contrast beautifully against a backdrop of opulent green foliage. In the summer, the flowers are followed by clusters of drupes—red and berry-like—which darken as they ripen. Autumn finds the Cayuga Viburnum clothed in rich shades of burgundy and maroon; this deciduous specimen sheds its leaves in the winter.


A friendly recommendation.

Exemplifying commendable tolerance to a wide variety of soils and to rougher climate conditions that include drought, the Cayuga Viburnum—or Viburnum Cayuga, as it is scientifically classified—has a 5-8 hardiness zone rating. Low maintenance and hardy, it has been cultivated as a hybrid that was developed between Viburnum Carlesii (Koreanspice Viburnum) and Viburnum Carlcephalum (Fragrant Snowball); it has no serious issues with diseases or pests. Easily cultivated as part of a hedge or an upright standalone specimen in a small yard or lawn, the Cayuga Viburnum will thrive in medium well-drained soils and moisty loams. It prefers full sun to partial shade.


Awesome tree trivia!

  • The Cayuga Viburnum was developed specifically by Donald Egolf in 1953.
  • This hybrid cultivar was registered and commercially released by the National Arboretum in 1996.
  • The Cayuga Viburnum’s blossoms unfurl either from one side of the inflorescence to the other or from the outskirts toward the center; until the flower has fully blossomed, it is a geometric pattern of white petals and rose-pink buds.


 Photo by: David Stang


This Tree's Zone: 5 to 8

Your Growing Zone:

FoliageDark Green
Fall FoliageOrange red
BloomFragrant white flowers
Bloom TimeApril to May
SunFull Sun to Part Shade
Size4 to 8 feet
Spread6 to 11 feet